For Industrial/Commercial In Duct Applications

The Humidity Source "FOG System" Nozzle Atomizers

The Humidity Source Ultrasonic Nozzle Humidifier uses compressed air to atomize water by directing a high velocity stream of water particles at a target. The force of impact causes the target to resonate or vibrate at ultrasonic speeds, this action breaks up the water particles into an extremely fine fog-like like mist. Water particle sizes as small as 5 micron are created by this method. Because most of the forward water particle velocity energy is dissipated in generating the fog, this nozzle is best suited for air handling units, air ducts and cold storage rooms where there is ample air motion. An integral fail-safe valve shuts off the nozzle water if the compressed air should fail. When the nozzle is shut off under normal operations, the main water supply valve is closed, the integral valve is shut off, and air is allowed to flow for a short time to purge the nozzle of residual water. This sequence insures a "no-drip" shut down of the nozzle.
Specification/Installation Sheets (2874 KB).

BUS Nozzle Photo
Ultrasonic Nozzle
Model BUS

The Ultrasonic Nozzle system is also available on a pre-assembled mounting bar. An aluminum bar complete with stainless steel brackets, nozzles, plastic tubing and assembled connectors makes air handling units and air duct installations quick and easy. Special stainless steel end brackets mount on the inside of duct walls and support the nozzle bar. Mounting bars can be sized to fit most air duct applications.

A new addition to the BUS Nozzle family of humidifiers is the FS System. The FS System replaces the normal Bus nozzle control box with a relatively simple and more cost effective wall mounted manifold. All necessary components to control an on-off humidification system are pre-installed on a stainless steel mounting plate. The remotely located manifold is small, easy to mount and simple to connect for total ease of installation. FS Specification/Installation Sheets (1984 KB).

BUS Bar Photo
Pre-Mounted Nozzle Bar

BUS Photo
The BUS Ultrasonic Nozzle Creates
Particals So Fine They Stay Suspended