For Industrial/Commercial Open Space Appliactions

The Humidity Source "FOG System" Nozzle Atomizers

Our Venturi Nozzle Fog System of humidification uses low maintenance, self cleaning stainless steel nozzles to dispense a very fine mist produced by a combination of compressed air and water. The Venturi Nozzle was designed for dripless operation in an open air application.

BV Nozzle Photo

Model BV Nozzle

The Venturi Nozzle uses compressed air to atomize water into a fine stream of particles which are quickly absorbed by the air. As the compressed air is ejected through the nozzle venturi, a vacuum is created which constantly draws water upfrom a reservoir located below the nozzle level. This design offers the added security in that if the compressed air fails water can not be drawn from the reservoir making the nozzle truly dripless. Each nozzle will produce up to 22 pounds of water mist per hour and can be installed in multiples for high humidity demand situations.
Specification/Installation Sheets (2638 KB).

BV Pack Photo

Quick Pack System
Pre-assembled for quick installation, the Quick Pack consists of pre-mounted and pre-connected air and water valves, a constant level water reservoir and up to 25 nozzles mounted on a single bar. The bar is designed to be suspended from the ceiling and needs only to be connected with plastic air and water lines from the control cabinet to be fully operational.

Cabinet Photo

Control Cabinet
The Fog System control cabinet regulates air and water pressure to the nozzles, turns the nozzles on or off in response to the humidistat and actuates the adjustable automatic cleaning cycle. Since nozzle water flow is regulated through air actuated valves, no water is present in the cabinet for electrical safety. Proportional control is also available.