For Air Duct And Open-Space Industrial/Commercial Applications

Hydro-Fog Humidifier System Description

The "HF" high pressure pump by Humidity Source is a compact, industrial duty pump module that will deliver from 500 to 2,300 lbs/hr of water at 1000 PSI. The HF4.6 will run as few as 60 nozzles and up to 270 nozzles. This compact pump module can fulfill a wide variety of applications from industrial humidification, odor control, dust suppression, process cooling, greenhouse cooling and humidification as well as outdoor cooling. It is a simple, easy to install pump module. All "HF" series pump modules are equipped with an inlet water pressure safety switch that will not allow the pump to run if there is not proper water pressure supply to the unit. Double filtration of the inlet water through 10 and 5 micron filters is provided and directly on the pump module. A 6 ft hose with ball valve for easy connection & a water pressure gauge is standard on the inlet.

High Pressure Pump Photo
         Hydro_Fog Pump Module

The pump is protected from over heated by-pass loop water by a thermal safety relief valve. The pump module is mechanically ventilated for cooler run temperatures. Motor and pump are mounted on rubber dampers for quiet and smooth operation. The motor is thermally protected. An electric drain valve is fitted on the outlet side of the pump to relieve pressure in the atomization lines after the pump module has been shut down so there will not be any dripping from the nozzles. This also allows the water in the lines to drain so the system does not hold standing water, thereby reducing maintenance. All fittings and valves are brass or stainless steel. Pump Specifications (2500 KB).

    System Features
  • Low Energy Comsuption
  • Low Noise Level
  • Low Maintenance
  • Complies With Latest Hygiene Regulations
  • Compact Size
  • Uses Ordinary Tap Water Or Deionized (DI), Deminerialized, Softened, Or Reverse Osomosis (RO) Water

The Hydro-Fog System is suitable for a variety of humidification and adiabatic cooling applications, such as:

Cluster Nozzles Photo Single Nozzle Photo
                     Hydro-Fog Seven Nozzle Cluster       Single nozzle on nozzle line

The atomization nozzles are one of the key elements of the Hydro-Fog humidification system. High pressure water is generated by the pump and delivered to the nozzles through the flexible manifold line and the rigid nozzle lines. Hydro-Fog nozzles are machined from solid stainless steel using extremely close tolerances. An internal check valve insures that water does not enter the nozzle until the pressure is adequate for full and complete high pressure misting to occur. Upon shut-down, the internal check valve cuts off the flow of water the instant the pressure drops too low for complete atomization. Nozzle Specifications (347 KB).