System Description:

Multi-Steam is a special distribution grid system which is used in critical air handling system locations where absorption distances are short or where low air duct temperatures are present.

Multi-Steam consists of a number of vertical stainless steel steam dispersion tubes connected to a horizontal stainless steel manifold which can be custom built for any size duct. The vertical distributors span the total duct height for a more efficient diffusion of steam into the air stream.

Multi-Steam panels can be installed in horizontal, vertical, square, round, or oval ducts and in Air Handling Units. Steam is distributed across the length and width of the air stream greatly reducing the steam absorption distance.   More Details


Both the manifold and vertical steam distributors are constructed from stainless steel. Steam is emitted into the air stream through brass nozzles which have an orifice diameter of 1/4 inch. The nozzles extend into the interior of each vertical steam distributor to prevent condensation droplets on the interior walls from entering the duct. Only dry steam is allowed into the air duct. A drain fitting on the end of the manifold allows condensate to drain.

            Multi-Steam Manifold

The following must be known in order to size a Multi-Steam panel:

    Duct, AHU or coil size.
    Upstream CFM, temp. & RH.
    Steam lbs/hr. to be delivered.
    Absorption distance available.