Water Source Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Systems are manfactured from the finest materals available in the industry.

Water output capacities vary from 50 gallons per day for small commercial/residential applications up to 6.6 gallons per minute for industrial high flow systems.

Some typical applications for R/O water systems are, but not limited to, pure drinking water, humidifing, cooking, laboratories, medical, car wash, agriculture, cosmetics, and orchids.

Water Source R/O Systems are design for long-life service, easy installation, and trouble-free maintenance and parts replacement.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) uses advanced semi-permeable membrane technology to remove and reject impurities in the water far beyond the capabilities of normal filtration. Unlike ordinary filters, Reverse Osmosis removes DISSOLVED minerals and creates water equal in quality to DISTILLED water.

1. A five micron, high density sediment pre-filter removes dirt, rust, sand and other solid impurities.
2. A five micron activated carbon pre-filter removes chlorine used in municipal water supplies.
3. A backup activated carbon block filter further protects the RO membrane from attack by chlorine.
4. Water pressure on the membrane allows pure water to pass through, removing up to 98% of dissolved minerals, which are flushed from the surface of the membrane and disposed of through the drain line.