Humidity Source has a variety of humidifier system accessories to supplement our humidifiers and custom designed humidification systems. Wall and duct mounted humidistats, air duct pressure switches and water treatment systems are but a few accessories available from Humidity Source. Our humidistats include human hair and thin film elements, the latter recommended for applications where very high controlled humidity environments of 60% and above are required. Water treatment systems include filters, demineralizers, and Reverse Osmosis units. Water treatment is highly recommended for our centrifugal atomizer humidifiers to reduce salt and mineral build up in the unit which reduces efficiency and for the nozzle systems if water contaminants are a problem.

Your local sales representative or a Humidity Source application engineer can recommend what accessories may be necessary for your HVAC application.

Vector Digital Humidistat On/Off or Proportional Control

The Vector TCY is a sensitive electronic humidistat with a lighted digital display. Models are available for wall or duct mounting and are able to control either humidifiers or de-humidifiers. The TCY requires a 24 VAC power supply (by others). Setpoint Range: 10 to 90%, Differential: +/- 5%, Ambient Temp: 32F to 122F. An auxiliary contact can be used to operate a remote status light, or other device if needed. On-off or proportional models are available. An optional outdoor temperature sensor is available to automatically reset the humidity setpoint if the outdoor temperature drops below a certain point to prevent condensation from occurring on windows.

Digital Humidistat

W42AA Wall Mounted Humidistat Line voltage, on/off, wall mounted Humidstat with human hair element. The best sensing element available at a low cost and a good selection for most applications. Humidstats with electronic sensors should be used for applications where the required R.H. is above 60%.

    Picture of W42AA

W351 Electronic Humidistat With a polymer sensor for high humidity, high sensitivity applications. The W351 features fast response time and close tolerance (+/- 2%). Available in on/off or proportional control, wall or duct mounted, and with optional digital display. The digital display shows both the RH set point and the actual RH at the sensor. The sensor may be remote from controller and display.

Picture of Humidistst

Lite-C Digital Humidistat The Lite-C is a sensitive electronic humidistat with plug-in connections and built-in digital display which eliminates wiring between components. Plug the humidistat into the wall, and plug the humidifier into the humidistat. The installation will be complete.


TEMP-R-DRAIN Drain Tempering Kit The Temp-R-Drain drain tempering kit is designed to reduce steam humidifier drain water temperatures to less than 140 Deg. F. for safe draining and to meet plumbing codes. A liquid filled bulb-type temperature sensor will automatically open the cold water supply valve and mix cold water with the hot and discharge it at a temperature of 140 Deg. F or less.


PC-301 Air Flow Switch Line voltage, on/off, duct mounted, pressure operated air flow proving switch. Prevents operation of the humidifier if there is no air flow in duct.


HC-201 High Limit Line voltage, on/off, duct mounted, high limit humidistat. Prevents operation of humidifier if R.H. in duct exceeds pre-set limit. Eliminates over-steaming and condensation in duct work until conditions re-stabilize.


Multi-Steam (MS) Distribution System MS is a special distribution grid system which is used in critical air handling system locations where absorption distances are short or where low air duct temperatures are present. MS consists of a number of vertical stainless steel steam dispersion tubes connected to a horizontal stainless steel manifold which can be custom built for any size duct. The vertical distributors span the total duct height for a more efficient diffusion of steam into the air stream.

MS System

Reverse Osmosis Water Systems Reverse Osmosis (RO) uses advanced semi-permeable membrane technology to remove and reject impurities in the water far beyond the capabilities of normal filtration. Unlike ordinary filters, Reverse Osmosis removes DISSOLVED minerals and creates water equal in quality to DISTILLED water.

RO Picture