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    Our Commitment:

  • Quality Designed In...

    Humidity Source humidifiers use components carefully chosen for reliability and dependability. Each design reflects our concern for maximizing long life, ease of installation and energy efficiency. Our quality is unmatched in the industry.

  • Product Selection...

    One of the unique features of Humidity Source LLC is the broad spectrum of humidifier types and accessories offered to our customers. What this means is we are able to provide the best product fit to your application rather than fit your requirements to a limited selection of humidifiers. When it comes to custom designed controlled humidification systems, there is no substitute for the right tool for the right job.

  • Technical Support...

    When you choose a Humidity Source humidifier our experienced engineering department will work diligently with you in recommending and customizing your humidifying requirements. Whether your humidifying challenge requires mechanical atomizing, humidifying steam or high capacity atomizing nozzles, we have the variety of products to solve your problem. Thatís what years of experience and product development brings to our customers. We can also provide all the quality accessories necessary to complete the job eliminating the need for our customer to search for outside suppliers.

    No job is too large or too small to fit into one of our custom built quality designed systems. From small room humidors to large vegetable warehouses, from low humidity applications to situations requiring controlled 98% relative humidity, from clean room electronics to sanitary laboratories, we can deliver. Our guarantee of unequaled quality, selection and service is in our logo.

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